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"“As 95% of R&D and innovation takes place outside any one country, businesses need to access global knowledge, markets, skills and partners.”

 Innovate UK

Our expertise across innovation, policy development, international project management and extensive network of contacts will help ensure your project's success.

We have a unique team with extensive collective experience in facilitating or running a wide range of projects:

  • Working within Government to set up international funding programmes and build international collaborations;

  • securing funding for clients and international project management;

  • working with universities to enable their research to have real impact;

  • Helping SMEs take their technologies to overseas markets;

  • building and facilitating relationships with overseas partners.


Nick Rousseau, UC CEO is very experienced at managing or facilitating complex, high profile international projects and initiatives. Most of his projects have a focus on innovation or technology.  He is most familiar with supporting collaborations between UK organisations and ones in India and China and has a keen interest and considerable experience across a great many areas of agriculture and food production and consumption.

If you add us to your project team we can offer:

  • A lifetime of experience of bringing people together from different organisations (and often different countries) together and building an effective team with a common sense of purpose and delivering challenging projects

  • Experience of the ups and downs of international partnership working and how to weather these 

  • A structured approach to ensuring innovation-focused business collaborations succeed based on my own experience and published research and guidance

  • A unique network of contacts and ex-colleagues around the world, particularly amongst Government officials and agencies focused on supporting innovation… often useful in getting some inside track on new announcements or heads up on what might be coming. (NB we do not get involved in anything that falls short of standards of integrity or could damage the trusting relationships we have built up.)

  • Extensive contacts in international and the UK innovation landscape, particularly those working on Agritech or food innovation where Nick has a personal interest.

  • Considerable experience of being within Government and working closely with colleagues in Embassies that can be invaluable in helping you successfully influence these individuals to help your project

  • An understanding of funding schemes, plus personal insights from my role in setting up the Newton Programme

  • Through years of moving into new specialist areas, an ability to rapidly build an understanding of your domain of operation/sector/technology

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