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Key Past Engagements

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MECS in India workshop and Round table - Organiser and speaker - Delhi India.
India Energy for All Summit 2020 - Led Round table discussion - Delhi, India
India Clean Cooking Forum - Speaker - Delhi, India
Tenth International Conference on Energy Efficient Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL'19) - participant as part of wider trip to China - Jinan, China
Tenth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development - Panelist - Bangkok, Thailand

Resource Insects and Gallnut Industry Development Forum, (Inaugural meeting and awarding ceremony of “National Innovation Alliance of Resource Insect Industry") - presenting and promoting Unconventional Connections and the Woven network - Wufeng County, Hubei Province, China

Workshop on insect farming opportunities in Scotland - invited participant - Edinburgh.
Second agri/food tech mission to Yunnan province, China - series of meetings with my clients.

First agri/food tech Mission to Yunnan province, China - co-leader - Yunnan.

Effective Altruism Global - debate speaker in favour of the position that insects have a role in a sustainable food system - London.

Innovate UK/KTN Clean energy for development Energy Catalyst Briefing event and workshop - on opportunities for energy technology in Africa and South Asia. - co presenter - London

2050 China Food Tech Summit - participants - Shanghai.

Central UK Investment Forum and the 11th China UK Entrepreneurship Competition Semi-Final - chaired judges panel - Nottingham.

Two visits to China to present on investment opportunities and UK economy - Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou

UK Conference on Insects for Food and Feed - Royal Agricultural University - Speaker and workshop facilitator looking at challenges for insect farming for livestock feed.

Innovation Observatory for North East of England workshop, Newcastle - presented on innovation policy context

Meeting with Saudi inward investment Agency - to discuss Garden of Ideas.

UK Commission for UNESCO Chairs Workshop - Guest speaker and facilitator focusing on innovation for development.


Sheffield China Business Seminar - Intellectual Property Rights - Guest speaker presenting on how to forge a successful UK-China innovation project.

Workshop implementing Memorandum of Understanding between Innovate UK and China Rural Technology Development Centre on UK-China collaboration - Beijing, China

Presented presentations on Facilitating UK China Agritech Collaboration (including promoting UK based clients), and UK Ideas for an IP Platform to support Agritech Collaboration (developed and agreed with Ian Cox of Innovate UK).

COFCO Nutrition and Health Research Centre visit - Beijing, China


A Sustainable Food Future: Climate Change, Urbanisation & Innovation

Consumption Trends and Food Choices  - Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, RSA, London

Presented on the potential for alternative protein sources such as insects to contribute to a sustainable food future.

Attracted a lot of interest and led to interesting discussions with UN FAO and WHO representatives amongst others.


Food Matters Live -ExCeL, London

Manned the Woven Network stand for duration of the exhibition and presented on the emerging foods and ingredients coming through the insect innovation pipeline. Level of interest in edible insects was astonishing, including a number of really significant businesses, and we now have over 350 names on our mailing list.

Courtauld Commitment 2025 Waste Valorisation  and Protein Challenge 2040: Closing the Protein Nutrient Loop WorkshopsWRAP/Forum for the Future, Innovation Centre, York

Participated in lively debates on how to address the many challenges facing potential innovations.

23rd China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair  - in Shaanxi province, China 

Presented on UK innovation and challenges of international collaboration and met a range of useful contacts, not least leaders of our UK Agritech Innovation Centres of Excellence. 


Eurostars Conference and Consortium building event  - Amsterdam, NL

Participated, learning a lot about the Eurostars programme and having discussions with a number of potential clients.

Agritech Catalyst Consortium Building workshop

Useful event to learn about the Agritech Catalyst funding and network with some potential clients.

Lancaster University, Management School - International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Presented about UK Government policies to support UK-China collaboration.   Useful discussions with experts on innovation in China

Manchester - N8 Agrifood Launch: One Network, Many Solutions

Presented on opportunities and research needs around insects for food and feed.  Excellent networking opportunity with researchers and others across the Northern universities.


Cocoon Corporation's Pre IPO Roadshow - China - Beijing, Wuhan & Shenzhen. Presented on why the UK should be of interest to investors and met a lot of very interested in Chinese business leaders and investors.

University of Nottingham

Joint Woven Network & Royal Entomological Society Conference: “Insects as Food and Feed: The Way Forward” Organiser, Chair and Speaker. Sell out first conference!

More information on the Woven Network website

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