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Guidance and Reports

We have compiled a range of useful documents offering guidance and information.  We are continually seeking new material so watch out for additions to this.

General Success Factors in International Collaboration


These resources are general articles, case studies and research into what leads to a successful international collaboration.


They are not specific to China or Agritech/food tech


Collaborative Innovation – Transforming Business, Driving Growth: A useful practical report focused on the challenges around small businesses collaborating with large ones.  Contains many valuable pointers.


International Innovation and UK Universities: A study for Universities UK on how universities collaborate internationally to drive innovation with some practical guidance on success factors.


Determinants of Success in … R&D Joint Ventures: report of a study of the factors associated with success within a funded R&D collaboration programme.  Lots of useful insights.

Success Factors when collaborating with China


These resources focus on the particular opportunities, challenges and need to collaborate with China.

Harnessing China’s Commercialisation Engine: A review of case studies of UK firms that have successful collaborated with Chinese partners and an analysis of the success factors.

Potential for Application of UK Energy-Related Technologies to Developing Countries

We have completed a project funded by the Department for International Development that involved mapping the innovation challenges around improving access to sustainable energy in the developing world against the UK's commercial and research strengths.   We also advised on what kind of programme would best support the application of those assets to have real impact.  Contact us if you would like to see the full report.

Agriculture in Bihar - opportunities for application of Digital Farmer Services

We have submitted a bid for work for the BMGF in Bihar focused on how they could support the implementation of Digital Farmer Services to support the transformation of the agriculture and wider food system.  We prepared this document as a background to that bid.


Innovation Delivery Partnerships: The Potential for a new approach to regional innovation-led growth?

We carried out a short project to explore the issues around a proposed new approach to supporting innovation at the regional level and harnessing innovation assets to drive growth. We reviewed evidence from published evaluations and studies to provide a critique with recommendations.

Farming Insects for Food and Feed Around the World – Trends and Current Practices

We carried out a review of the status of the farmed insect sector around the world, in order to inform the development of the sector in Myanmar. The research that informed this report was undertaken on behalf of Spectrum – the Sustainable Development Knowledge Network of Myanmar and funded by the Livelihoods and Food Security Fund (LIFT).

Publications to support the successful market entry for electric cooking device companies into SubSaharan Africa and Asian developing markets.  

Nick has produced a number of reports that can be found on the Modern Energy Cooking Services website. 

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