Current/Recent Projects

North East Local Enterprise Partnership - Innovation Delivery Partners review

We worked with the NELEP Innovation Director and his team to provide an independent review of their concept of Innovation Delivery Partnerships as vehicles for harnessing the region's innovation resources to drive economic growth.   The report is available on request

Alongside Nick working within the MECS programme, UC is providing additional capacity to engage with major global cooking device brands and secure their participation in the programme. 

UK-China Agri/food tech Hub with Connect_China, New Food Innovation, Agrisynergy... 

Starting with attending the 2050 China Food Tech Summit in Shanghai and a mission to the major agricultural province of Yunnan, we are working with a range of partners to build a platform to facilitate businesses and researchers to take their technologies and expertise to support agriculture and food production modernisation in China.

Nick participated as a judge in the feedX competition, assessing submissions from a broad range of insect farming companies for their potential to provide a sustainable alternative to fishmeal.

Knowledge Transfer Network and the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network

The LCEDN and the KTN are working on a project to identify how technologies developed in the UK could be applied in developing countries to enable improved access to affordable and sustainable energy.

After an initial study of the research and innovation landscape Unconventional Connections was commissioned to review what is known about a range of developing countries to assess the potential for the different technologies to be deployed there.

Garden of Ideas (GOI)

Simon Elliott, founder and CEO of Garden of Ideas, aims to create a number of cultural entertainment resorts inspired by
the UK’s historic Pleasure Gardens, that will platform the world’s best art, science and technology, in a spectacular garden setting that explores how ​we can work more harmoniously with nature.

We are advising on and supporting engagement with key partners and potential investors, including representing Simon at meetings with Shanghai Shendi Group and Truelin.

We are currently assisting Simon in taking on a  role as Creative Director for a major new series of immersive experiences. 

Garden of Ideas


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