We are international collaboration experts who provide support to SMEs.  Helping our clients by reducing the hassle, time and risk of looking for, and establishing relationships with new partners.

By providing a structured approach we assist with the whole process from country and partner selection, to establishing working reltationships, and exit (if required), enabling your business to 

  • build lasting partnerships

  • establish trust

  • save time

  • reduce risk

  • deliver real long term value to your business


From one-off assistance, to mentoring and guidance through the complete process of collaboration.

Some of the bespoke services we can offer:- 

  • collaboration structure design

  • sourcing potential partners or investors

  • securing support from international Embassy teams

  • identifying and assisting with funding applications

Either way, we operate a simple and cost-effective solution - bringing real fire-power to your business collaborations with our wide expertise gained from many years of involvement in international innovation; an extensive library of case studies; and research into securing success in international collaboration.

What you can expect

Each project we work on is unique - we tailor our packages and support to your company's needs.  

Experience tells us that small effective steps  which keep a firm hold of goals are more effective than trying to get everything done at once.   Our phased International Collaboration Toolkit allows us to agree our role for each stage.


We assist you in finding the collaborators and potential business partners who will work with you - when we partner with you we position ourselves as an extended part of your team - this allows us to know your business, understand your staff, and enables us to identify solutions to potential issues before the arise.


Who are our clients

Unconventional Connections work with established, growing businesses who want to venture outside of the UK (or overseas ones looking to venture in) - those who need assistance in securing key resources, or establishing market position overseas.  

Generally businesses will have identified the need for international collaboration, but realised they need external expertise or knowledge to take this forward - it's a complex and challenging prospect.

Partnering with us is a chance to develop an effective project with reduced risk and wasted effort.

What we offer UK-based SMEs

Helping innovative UK-based SMEs we create alliances with international partners to assist you to access resources for R&D and funding streams.

Starting with discussions with teams, we start by developing a clear framework for planning a collaboration project, teasing out the aims and goals the company wishes to achieve from a collaboration - giving a strong basis to proceed.

Using our extensive network of contacts and partners, we explore possibly new and original collaborations for your business.

We can advise you on bringing in specialists from areas such as IP protection and cultural awareness, to ensure your project has all elements in place.


We provide advice and assist with

  • approaching and liaising with public funding bodies

  • working with Embassies

What we offer Overseas SMEs


We can assist innovative businesses based outside the UK to create alliances with UK R&D partners.

With many years experience working within UK Government agencies, and with funding bodies, business partners, investment houses, academic institutions and other organisations, we bring a level of expertise and knowledge which is invaluable to businesses wishing to moving into the UK market.

Our Services

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