Looking to develop a market or supply chain in China?

Interested in unsecured finance on attractive terms?

Would you welcome a highly skilled Chinese national working within your business?


If the answer to the questions above is “yes”, the Home Office Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa scheme may well be applicable. 


Through our partnership with the Ying De Group, we are able to access a growing pipeline of wealthy, highly skilled Chinese investors, seeking strong investment opportunities in the UK across a range of sectors. 


Key benefits for the business:


  • Regulated by the UK Home Office

  • Unsecured loan of £200,000 per investor

  • No personal guarantees or debentures required

  • No capital repayment required for five years

  • Typical interest rate at 3%-5% negotiable

  • Retain control over business

  • Access to skills and knowledge from Chines investors and Chinese market

  • Applicable to any sector (except property development/management)

  • Fee only payable upon successful funding


The Chinese investors will be a valuable source of skills and knowledge for UK companies that want to enter the Chinese market or develop their supply chains in China. The investors come with a wide range of skills and sector experience, and will re-locate to the UK through the Tier 1 Visa scheme. They are required to be registered as a director in the business in which they invest, and their role is agreed with the business owner appropriate to their particular skills and the priorities of the business.


Our role is to identify UK companies and help them through the process – both.


To qualify for investment, the UK company must: 

●     Have at least three years trading history with statutory accounts 

●     Be profitable and offer low risk for the investor

●     Have the potential to create additional two full-time jobs within two years of funding 

●     Register the investor as a Director within six months from date of entry to the UK 

●     Spend the investment funds of £200,000 in the UK within three years


UK companies will be fully supported by us throughout the entire process, helping them meet the scheme requirements and to develop a positive and clear relationship with the investor during the application process. For further details contact us at antony.davies@unconventionalconnections.co.uk