Second Agritech Mission to Yunnan

19th -24th January 2019

ConnectChina is partnering with Unconventional Connections to open up substantial opportunities for UK companies and researchers focused on innovation in agriculture and food production in one of the major agricultural provinces in China – Yunnan.



The Agri-tech mission will take a second group that bring together key industry players, including farm owners, processing manufacturers, distributors, consultants, project developers, investors, associations and Government officials of Yunnan Province. 


There will be opportunities to: 


  • Gain a detailed insight into Agribusiness opportunities in Yunnan Province

  • Have bespoke meetings in Yunnan Province with potential clients and partners


If you would like to know more about Yunnan province's agricultural profile and priorities, or to express interest informally (in this or future missions), email: 

If you want to apply, request an application form, read the details and  instructions, complete it and send it to:  

PLEASE NOTE: We will work with the provincial Government to secure valuable business and collaboration opportunities.  This does mean that a place on the trip will not be offered unless we can confirm real interest from partners in-country. 



  • Yunnan is the largest producer of natural rubber, coffee, macadamia, fresh cut flowers in China.

  • Yunnan accounts for 12% of the country livestock productions - with rare genetic resources for livestock in China.

  • Seasonal vegetables can be produced all year around. In the winter, the southern hot zone and the dry-hot valley region can be used to produce tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and non-gluten beans. In summer, high-altitude and cold mountainous areas to the north of the central area can be used to produce cabbage, cauliflower, green vegetables, radish, garlic, etc.

  • Yunnan is a major tea producer and the birthplace of Pu'er tea.

  • It has long sunshine hours, large temperature difference between day and night, high UV intensity, and is one of the best areas for flower production in the world

  • Yunnan fruit includes grapes, peach, plum, cherry, bayberry; summer with longan, mango, lychee; autumn with apples, pears, pomegranates; winter with glutinous rice, bananas, citrus.

  • Yunnan produces most of the coffee grown in China, attracting international coffee giants such as Nestle and Starbucks.


If you had to pick a single province in all China that would expose you to the greatest variations in topography and climate, it would have to be Yunnan Province.  There is an old and accurate saying that: 


“You can enjoy all four seasons on the same mountain, where each of these four seasons is only a few miles distant from the others”.




Yunnan provincial Government has set a range of challenging ambitions – providing insights into where they are looking for support/technology/consultancy: 


  • Respond to the huge market demand for agricultural products that are pollution-free, green, organic for those with local characteristics, original ecology and high quality.

  • Improve the management and utilisation of livestock and poultry manure, and crop straw and agricultural membrane resources, and achieve a reduction in use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Build nearly 200 large and medium scale biogas generators. 



  • Substantially improve water use - halt the growth in use of water, improve irrigation, drainage and comprehensive management of water

  • Focus on the implementation of land leveling, irrigation and drainage ditches, machine plowing, farmland forest network and other supporting construction.

  • Modernise its seed industry - increase the collection, preservation and utilization of local germplasm resources, focus on cultivating a number of excellent products with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Modeling of breeding and breeding techniques, promoting new models of comprehensive breeding techniques such as rice symbiosis, fish and vegetable symbiosis

  • Improve the quality and safety inspection and inspection of agricultural products at all levels, effective certification of “no pollution, green, organic agricultural products”.

  • Focus on creating a number of well-known regional brands and product brands, and cultivate a group of countries 

  • Implement the country's most stringent farmland protection system, adhere to the red line of cultivated land, and strictly control the new

  • Enhance ability to prevent animal and plant diseases - Strengthening the construction of animal epidemic prevention system, improving the ability of animal disease prevention

  • Accelerate the construction of a breeding system for livestock and poultry

  • Improve post farm gate – Logistics, storage, packaging, processing

  • Cope better with climate and pest hazards

  • Improve soil management to maintain natural soil fertility and yields, 

  • Provide scientific and technological innovation support, and promote the province's advantageous agricultural industry

  • Vigorously develop winter agriculture.

  • The development of woody oil industry with emphasis on walnuts, macadamia nuts, oil tea, and olive oil.

  • Mechanized advancement to improve the mechanization of rice, wheat, corn and potato.

  • Yunnan data cloud platform integrating data monitoring, analysis, release and service.

  • Implement the modern young farmer's precision breeding program, “local expert project” and professional peasants. Focus on agricultural practical technology and field hand-to-hand universal training; to raise large households, family farmers, professional cooperatives,


The Yunnan Government is investing in a wide range of funded projects including:


  • A 10,000-acre modern agricultural park, with a high-tech agricultural experimental demonstration zone.

  • Make use of the location advantage of Liangwang Mountain, build a 10,000-mu modern agricultural demonstration park (667 ha)

  • Use solar photovoltaic power generation combined with high-tech agricultural planting greenhouses, for cultivation of vegetables, flowers, edible fungi 

  • Build a large-scale electronic transaction service covering an area of 120 mu (8 ha), a collector's operation service area, a commodity trading area, an intelligent storage area, a cloud service center and ancillary service platform. 

  • Develop and produce health products that improve sleep, improve memory and anti-aging. 

  • Plant 10,000 mu (667 ha) of high-quality grapes, and build three production lines of fresh fruit sorting and packaging, raisin production and wine making, and build a high-quality agricultural estate economy

  • To upgrade and improve the construction of standardized commercial vegetable bases of 1400 mu (93 ha), and use international modern logistics high-tech to create a five-in-one, one-stop service vegetable collection. 

  • Build a new flower development zone and build a pattern of comprehensive development of the flower industry with flower seed industry, local characteristic flowers, green ornamental seedlings, processing flowers, and tourist flowers. 

  • Expansion of piglets, pig breeding communities, feed processing plants and meat processing plants. Standardize production, management, cultivate characteristic varieties, continuously improve the breeding level, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the pig industry. 

  • Construction of the disease-free mother garden, the disease-free seedling hoe, the disease-free nursery, the variety breeding garden, the construction of 2000 acres of citrus varieties display garden, industry development, research on technology, etc., 

  • Build a new feed processing production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons, and supporting facilities such as factories and warehouses. 

  • Introducing advanced feeding management technology and relying on modern agricultural high-tech to supply raw and high quality chicken and by-products.

  • The project plans to build a 10,000-mu (667 ha) non-polluted vegetable planting demonstration base and a vegetable vacuum freeze-drying processing plant to form a stable marketing network for specialty vegetables. 

  • Districtsselected as the first batch for livestock and poultry manure utilization.

  • Concentrate on the construction of a number of large and medium-sized water conservancy projects, and actively focus on farmland water conservancy Area. 





  • accounts for 12% of China’s livestock production

  • is the largest producer of natural rubber, coffee, macadamia and fresh cut flowers in China

  • has the biggest biodiversity in China

  • allows growth of seasonable vegetables all year

  • produces a large range of exotic fruits

  •  is bigger than the UK and Denmark combined

  • Is in the far South-West of the People’s Republic of China;

  • Has a total land area of 394,000 sq km;

  • Has mountains across 94% of the province – with rugged terrain that provides little arable land;

  • Has a mild climate with pleasant and fair weather with many south-facing mountain slopes;

  • Has a long growing period;

  • Is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China;

  • Produced 52.99 million tons of agricultural output in 2017, which is substantially higher than 5 years ago.


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